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Discover the Inspirational Journey Behind Mystic-Balance

Ryan Dorko

A man whose life journey embodies resilience, transformation, and the pursuit of true joy.

As a devoted father to four beautiful children, Ryan found his strength and inspiration to overcome life's toughest challenges, guided by the unwavering belief that happiness and contentment are within reach, regardless of circumstance.

Having spent the majority of his professional career climbing the corporate ladder, only to find that no matter how much success, money, and accolades he received, he was never truly fulfilled. His experience in business management, sales, and mergers and acquisitions lends him to working well with those seeking to uplevel their careers, avoid burnout, or add fluidity to their teams.


For over three decades, Ryan has channeled his passion for music and nature into a soulful exploration of sound and the great outdoors. From cross-country motorcycle adventures to moonlit drum circles, Ryan finds solace and connection in the beauty of nature, always seeking the harmony that exists beneath his feet.

But it's Ryan's personal struggles and triumphs that truly define his journey. From navigating the turmoil of divorce and shouldering the weight of familial responsibility to battling chronic pain and overcoming addiction, Ryan's path has been marked by hardship and healing. Through his own experiences, Ryan discovered the transformative power of holistic healing modalities, leading him to create Mystic-Balance as a sanctuary for others on their journey to emotional freedom.

Each technique offered by Mystic-Balance has been instrumental in Ryan's own transformation, guiding him from a place of desolation and fear to one of abundance and faith. Through meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), shamanic healing, and more, Ryan has found liberation from the narratives that once held him captive, empowering him to embrace life's challenges with integrity and resilience.

Ryan's story is a testament to the human spirit's capacity for growth and renewal. His philosophy of relationships as a journey of mutual healing and support reflects his deep understanding of the complexities of human connection. Today, Ryan shares his wisdom and compassion with others, guiding them on their path to emotional freedom and true joy.

At Mystic-Balance, we believe that true fulfillment comes from facing our inner demons with courage and compassion. Join us on this transformative journey and discover your own path to lasting inner peace and joy.

Come find your Mystic-Balance today.

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