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Mystic Balance was founded on the desire to share the mystical powers of the human experience and how divinely created we are. Clearing blockages and allowing our bodies, minds and spirits to transform into all we were meant to be.

Know what true joy and peace feel like!


Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional


Let Mystic Balance Assist in Your Metamorphosis

No Mud, No Lotus

When we remove the resistance we remove the suffering.

If you watch closely, all things in nature, at some point in their lifespan experience a drastic transformation. Watch the trees change colors and lose their leaves in Autumn, only to bloom in the next season. Watch the caterpillar follow its divine metamorphosis to become a butterfly.

Food/Prescription Drugs/Alcohol/Narcotics/Sex/Shopping/Gambling/Pain
An unrelenting desire, urge, or yearning for something. These urges often lead to emotional and sometimes physical fallout. Cravings come in so many forms and can be unforgivingly strong, or very subtle and discreet. It can make us feel helpless or like we indulge against our own will.  It tells us we don’t have a problem, or that if we only make certain changes then it’ll be under control. We use these to feel better or different, to deal with stress, celebrate a win or a loss, or just feel comfortable in social settings. Yet, no matter how we try, it’s always short-lived, it takes another form, or we end up miserable while we exert ourselves to control these urges, depriving our friends and family of the person they love.


Can’t get out of bed? Don’t find joy in the things that used to excite you? There’s a pill for that. . .But it won’t fix what made you feel that way in the first place. Your inner/higher self is eternally grateful for this human experience. When our lives don’t look how we think they should and we can’t find that gratitude, there becomes a disturbance, a distance within ourselves. Find hope by uncovering the root issues and learn methods to release your emotional baggage.


Triggers are everywhere when the trauma has power over us. Sometimes it comes from nowhere and we can’t figure out why. Fear, false stories – sweaty palms, narrowing vision, heart pounding, shortness of breath. Anxiety can lead to panic and suddenly we feel like we are going to die. We can help educate you about what lies beneath this debilitating issue. Give you effective tools to moderate and eventually overcome so you can get back to enjoying normal life.

Chronic Pain

Many of us suffer from chronic pain. Doctors have given us a diagnosis and we go from there. We believe there is a time and place for medical treatment – you wouldn’t come to us for a broken leg. Once the bones heal though, for some reason it’s never been quite right, or it has moved into a back issue. Ninety percent of our medical issues (that are not due to trauma) are physiological manifestations of emotional pain being trapped in our bodies. We have methods to help you relieve the stress of pain, allowing your body to do what it is built to do – HEAL.


Single and just can’t seem to break the cycle? Married and lost touch with your partner? Misunderstood – Unappreciated – Abused (physically or emotionally)? Difficulties making friends or feeling comfortable in social situations? All of these affect our beliefs and confidence. All of these have hidden resolutions that have been hiding right under our noses. Talk to us, we get it.


Here is where the rubber meets the road. Our work is where we spend much of our life (besides sleeping). As an employee, we should love what we do, and if we don’t love it – change it – but how? As a Boss or Manager, we need our employees motivated and happy, and if you spend more time trying to get them in line rather than praising their success, there’s a better way. Maybe you’re just tired of making someone else rich but don’t know exactly what to do next. We can help you find the freedom you desire.

You can find freedom!

We can help!

Clinical EFT

EFT uses acupressure meridians to signal your brain that you are safe and there's no need to panic. Combine this with. . . . ​

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Sound Healing

Our unique sound baths are customized meditative therapy involving specialized, tranquil instruments. The vibrations and frequencies activate the parasympathetic nervous system and. . . . ​

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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing work is ceremonial, where the healer works directly within the realm of spirit from a trance state. There is no physical touch involved, however. . . .​

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Meditation and Breath Work

Meditation is how we become familiar with our inner selves. A practice that teaches us how to find the Calm within the Storm, the Light in Darkness, and the Beauty within the Shadows. All of our services utilize. . . .​

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Essential Oils

Combining essential oils with meditation, sound healing, and tapping has been proven to maximize and accelerate healing in miraculous ways. When used in. . . . ​

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Emotional Alchemy Package


For the individual or group who are ready to embark the journey of a lifetime.

This package provides the benefit of all our healing modalities in an 8-week experience. No matter  your location. The first two days are. . . .

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Mystic Balance Offerings

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